Sam's NW BBQ Co. proudly offers a wide variety of some of the finest BBQ Rubs and Sauces on the face of the planet!  Most are not found in the grocery stores and we generally deal directly with the makers themselves.  We have products from several BBQ folks who've appeared on the TV series BBQ Pitmasters as well as other Barbecue shows.  We also carry some items from some great people who just put a lot of love into their products to give you an award winning experience at home time after time.  We do not ship these and all sales are from our store. 

The names listed below are different brands we offer. 

We do not always carry all of the items that they offer at our store. 

MYRON MIXON--Head Country--EAT Barbecue--Killer Hogs--Fergolicious BBQ

GENRTY'S BBQ--John Henry's--Blues Hog--Loot N' Booty--PLOWBOYS BBQ

Jess Pryles Hard Core Carnivore--SUGARS BARBECUE--Butchers BBQ--Meat Church Butt Rub--Arthur Bryant's--Three Little Pigs--PIT HAPPENS--PIG'S ASS

Eggiman Farms--Meadow Creek--Dirk Diggler BBQ--Pit Barrel Cooker Co.

RUB SOME--BEER:30--Best Damn BBQ--Green Mountain Grills

Goldens Cast Iron Cookers--3 Beer Rub--Pork Barrel BBQ