Smoke by ThermoWorks

This Dual Channel, Wireless Remote Temperature monitoring device (up to 300 ft.) with dual probes, allows you to monitor your cooking temperature of the pit as well as your internal meat temp, with the security of knowing that your using a ThermoWorks product that you can rely on time again.  When it's's the best!  With the addition of the Gateway accessory item, you can now monitor your Smoke unit on your smartphone or device from anywhere.  

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​​​​ThermoWorks has long been recognized as the very best when it comes to temperature devices​​.  Sam's NW BBQ Co. is proud to offer some of these great products from our store.  Internal temperature is the name of the game....and if you want to be serious about cooking you have to step up your game with a ThermoWorks product or two!

The ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4 is sure to be one of the best purchases you will ever make when it comes to cooking.  From the patio at the grill, to inside the kitchen for nightly cooking, this is the one necessity for all cooking enthusiast.  We could not endorse a better product on the market when it comes to getting that accurate temperature every time in lighting speed.  This item is my favorite cooking accessory I own......period!

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Thermapen Mk4 in Yellow, Black and Orange 

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SIGNALS is the latest hit from ThermoWorks.  Comes with 3 meat probes, one grate temp probe and is both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth