"COOKINPELLETS" brand BBQ Pellets in 40lb Bags in 5 Varieties 


We are out of stock of these bags of wood chunks currently

                           LUMP CHARCOAL

We offer bags of Lump Charcoal from 3 different manufacturers.  Price is $25 a bag.

--JEALOUS DEVIL Lump Charcoal XL​​​​



We offer BBQ Pellets that work in ANY and All Pellet Grills

Available at Sam's NW BBQ Co.
MYRON MIXON BBQ Pellets--20lb bags for $12.99
--SWEET SMOKE CHERRY--This bag is made up of 93% Cherry with 7% OAK Out of Stock

--HICKORY--This bag is made up of 93% HICKORY with 7% OAK

--ORCHARD BLEND--This is a favorite of Myron's.  An Equal Blend of CHERRY, 

HICKORY and OAK.    This pellet blend ​just goes well with EVERYTHING!!!  We are out of stock of the Orchard Blend at this time.

​​Green Mountain Grills Premium BBQ Pellets--28lb bags for $16.99

--Gold Blend--Apple Blend--Fruitwood Blend--  All in stock today!

We are out of stock of Texas Blend currently

ONYX Binchotan Charcoal from JEALOUS DEVIL

$44 per 20lb box

BBQ Accessories
We also offer a wide assortment of BBQ Accessories for specific grills that we offer as well as general items that can be used on all brands of grills/smokers.  We offer items such as Grill Grate Brushes, Rib Racks, Vegetable Baskets, Charcoal Chimneys, Grill Pans, Grease Buckets, Fire Starters, Tongues, Spatulas, BBQ Books, Temperature Monitoring Devices,  Hot Plate Gloves, Pink Butcher Paper, Butcher Twine, Disposable Cutting Boards and several other items to make your Barbecuing experiences the best that they can be.  

PERFECT MIX           100% BLACK CHERRY     100% HICKORY           APPLE MASH      $26.99                                              $26.99                            $26.99                     $26.99

Bags of seasoned Wood Smoking Chunks about the size if your fist.  Great Smoke flavor and easy to use.  Priced at $18.99




We are proud to be a Authorized Dealer for ThermoWorks products.  We generally always have in stock the all new Thermapen ONE in multiple colors.  We also stock Smoke and Signals as well as extra meat probes.  We have time sticks as well.  Our pricing is always MSRP and we do not ship.  Call to check about a specific color if that matters to you.

BBQ Rubs & Sauces  

We offer BBB Rubs & Sauces from several manufacturers from across the USA.  We do not carry every item or size shaker that these companies offer, but we have a great selection of products & you'll surely find something you'll enjoy as well as items not found at the local grocery stores.

MYRON MIXON--TUFFY STONE--HEATH RILES BBQ--Head Country--EAT Barbecue--Killer Hogs--
Meat Church--Hey Grill Hey.....and a wide variety of others in stock.

20lb Bags of JEALOUS DEVIL

Extra Large Briquets made from Lump Charcoal

$25 per bag


Seasoned Cooking Woods

We offer bags of Seasoned Cooking Woods which vary in weight between 45 and 55lbs most often.  We currently have 7 different varieties and try to update this below.  Feel free to call to inquire about a certain variety prior to making the drive if you live a distance.   Pricing is $30 per bag   

                                                             In-stock today-Updated ​Feb 2nd, 2024

                         Until I update this again...you can assume that this is what we have in stock and you can always give us a call to ensure we have the above listed.


​ We have Cherry, Apple, Pecan, Mesquite, CA Oak, Hickory and Peach in stock as of today.

Out of stock of Post Oak and don't expect to have anytime soon.

OUT OF STOCK OF Orchard Blend

We currently have in stock the  ThermoWorks Thermapen ONE  as of today.

We also have the Smoke units in stock 

as well as replacement probes, Saus Vide probes, high temp air probes and cable extension probes.