We stock Green Mountain Grills Premium BBQ Pellets.  We offer the Texas Blend, Gold Blend, Apple Blend and the Fruitwood Blend.  28lb bags for $14.99 and an outstanding Pellet that will work in every Pellet Grill on the plane and beyond!  

We offer large bags of Seasoned Cooking Woods! ​

​We offer 45-55lb. bags of cooking woods in several varieties at $25 each or 5 for $115. Mix and match with our Lump Charcoals at the same price to get the products and smoke profile that you are looking for. 

Our current inventory of 2 Cubic Ft. bags of wood is the following 

in stock now--Post Oak, Hickory, Pecan, Mesquite, Apple & Cherry 


Rockwood Lump Charcoal (while inventory last) and our all time favorite  

WICKED GOOD Weekend Warrior Blend Lump Charcoal 

$25 each or mix and match with cooking woods at 5 for $115

We have smaller bags of wood chunks available in Mesquite. 

We offer smaller bags of wood chips in Pecan, Apple , Hickory, Cherry, Maple 

BBQ Pellets in 5 Varieties from Pacific Pellet for $9.99 per 20lb. bag  in addition to Green Mountain Grills Pellets in 28lb. bags in 3 varieties for $14.99 each

We have you covered from Pellets, woods in various forms and lump charcoals.

Sam's NW BBQ Co. offers 20lb. Bags of BBQr's DELIGHT in 8 Varieties.  Whether you want one  or a ton, we offer a fantastic price of $9.99 on these outstanding pellets.  These BBQ Pellets work great in ALL BBQ Pellet Grills and will not void any warranties from any manufacturer.