We offer large bags of Seasoned Cooking Woods! ​

​We offer 45-55lb. bags of cooking woods in several varieties at $25 each or 5 for $115. Mix and match with our Lump Charcoals at the same price to get the products and smoke profile that you are looking for. 

Our current inventory of 2 Cubic Ft. bags of wood is the following 

We are fully stocked with Season Cooking Woods 

Post Oak, Pecan, Hickory, Mesquite, Apple & Cherry 


LUMP CHARCOAL in stock now!


WICKED GOOD Weekend Warrior Blend Lump Charcoal 

$25 each or mix and match with cooking woods at 5 for $115

We offer smaller bags of wood chips in Pecan, Apple , Hickory, Cherry, Maple 

BBQr's Delight BBQ Pellets in 8 Varieties for $9.99 per 20lb. bag  in addition to Green Mountain Grills Pellets in 28lb. bags in 4 varieties for $14.99 each.

We have you covered for BBQ Pellets, Seasoned Cooking Woods in bags, chips and chunks as well as lump charcoals and standard briquettes.  

Sam's NW BBQ Co. offers 20lb. Bags of BBQr's DELIGHT in 8 Varieties.  Whether you want one  or a ton, we offer a fantastic price of $9.99 on these outstanding pellets.  These BBQ Pellets work great in ALL BBQ Pellet Grills and will not void any warranties from any manufacturer. 

We stock Green Mountain Grills Premium BBQ Pellets.  We offer the Texas Blend, Gold Blend, Apple Blend and the Fruitwood Blend.  28lb bags for $14.99 and an outstanding Pellet that will work in every Pellet Grill on the plane and beyond!