​​​​​​Current In-Stock Inventory

In-stock inventory last updated on 12/15/17 

MYRON MIXON SMOKERS:  BBQ Smokers from the "Winningest Man in Barbecue!"

$2795--G9--Gravity Feed Smoker

$5395--G33--Gratity Feed Smoker

$5995--MMS-60--H2O Water Smoker

We can get any MYRON MIXON SMOKERS product that you are interested in.  Above, just happens to be what we have in-stock today.  Come visit our store in Sherwood, Oregon and put your hands on one of these and see them in person.  If this is not possible, we can surely have one built and shipped right to your driveway.  Call or email us today to discuss it!  Here at Sam's  NW BBQ Co. we feel honored to represent MYRON MIXON SMOKERS to the West Coast and across the USA!

YODER SMOKERS: in stock today! 

$1549--YS480 Pellet Grill--Includes Grill Grates (3 panels) w/Spatula Tool & 40lbs of BBQ Pellets

We only have 3 YS480's available in stock.  No more until early 2018

$1749--YS640 Pellet Grill--Includes Grill Grates (3 panels) w/Spatula tool and 40lbs of BBQ Pellets.  We have 8 left in stock, and no more until late Jan/early Feb 2018.

The following YODER SMOKERS listed below will be available on Sat. December 23rd.  Truck is leaving Kansas on Tue Dec 19th.  Call to reserve one now!!  503-822-5631

$2499--YS640 Pellet Grill on Silver Comp Cart--includes grill grates w/spatula tool and 40lbs of BBQ Pellets

$2499--YS640 Pellet Grill on Black Comp Cart--includes grill grates w/spatula tool and 40lbs of BBQ Pellets

$1299--Yoder Smokers 16" Cheyenne Smoker--w/added Heat Management Plate

$2299--Yoder Smokers 20" Loaded Wichita Smoker--w/added side probe port

$2799--Yoder Smokers 20" Loaded Durango--w/added side probe port

$3199--Yoder Smokers 24" Loaded Kingman Smoker--w/added side probe port

We will have more YODER SMOKERS on the way in 2018.  If you want to add something to an order, give us a call at (503) 822-5631 or send me an email at sam@samsnwbbqco.com 

Meadow Creek Barbecue has arrived on the West Coast!

Sam's NW BBQ Co. is your source for these awesome Barbecue products hand-crafted in the Amish Community of Lancaster County, PA by talented craftsmen who care about integrity and quality. 


Our Current In-stock inventory of Meadow Creek Barbecue Grills and Smokers:


$650--BBQ26with Hinged Lid on BBQ


$2715--TS70P--Upgrades include Stainless Steel Shelf.  

$3349--TS70P--Upgrades include Insulated Firebox and SS Shelf. 

$3875--TS120P--Upgrades include Stainless Steel Shelf.  


$1249--PR42--Upgrades include Charcoal Pullout 

$2999--PR72T--Upgrades include Charcoal Pullout and 2 doors in main lid. 

Add a 2nd Tier Cooking Grates for $350  

$1465--PR60--Upgrades include Charcoal Pullout.

$ 834--PR36--Add a 2nd Tier Cooking Grate for $165.

$1224--BBQ42--Upgrades include Charcoal Pullout. 

We have covers for most Meadow Creek Products in stock

We Order Full Truckloads of Meadow Creek Barbecue products on a regular basis.  Take look at their website, then let us know what particular unit you are interested in.  We'll get it on the next truck and/or inquire about getting it built and shipped right to your home.  Call us with any questions.  We've been to their factory in New Holland, PA., we know the people, the products, and we love everything about Meadow Creek Barbecue!

Green Mountain Grills:

Save up to $100 instantly on Green Mountain Grills at Sam's NW BBQ Co. and we'll even throw in some BBQ pellets of your choice with the purchase!
Green Mountain Grills offer the very best of Pellet Grill cooking at a great price and value. With the ability to achieve and maintain a high temperature, you can grill with it in addition to the low and slow smoking that has made the GMG a fan favorite.  Since the day we brought in the GMG products, the response has been huge. Those how used to cook on a very familiar product line we'd all recognize by name, generally purchase a GMG or recommend them to their friends and family nowadays.  They simply  hold heat great and get to and stay where you put it.  You get a great bang for your buck and exceptional customer support from GMG if needed.  Great savings offered now at Sam's NW BBQ Co. in Sherwood, Oregon.  We are your GMG headquarters with grills and accessories on hand.

Our Green Mountain Grills is stock inventory and sale pricing right now!  
Great savings on a GMG thru December 31st!

Everything listed below is in stock right now!
$374--Davy Crockett w/ Wi-Fi   SAVE $25 (Reg $399) 
$549--Daniel Boone  SAVE $50 (Reg $599)  
$684--Daniel Boone w/Wi-Fi  SAVE $75 (Reg $759) 
$774--Daniel Boone Stainless Steel Lid w/Wi-Fi  SAVE $75 (Reg $849)
$724--Jim Bowie  SAVE $75 (Reg $799)
$824--Jim Bowie Stainless Steel Lid  SAVE $75 (Reg $899)
$899--Jim Bowie Wi-Fi SAVE $100 (Reg $999)
$999--Jim Bowie Stainless Steel Lid w/Wi-Fi SAVE $100 (Reg $1099)

Memphis Wood Fire Grills:
$3599--Memphis Pro  430SS--includes 40lbs of BBQ Pellets w/purchase

$4999--Memphis Elite 304SS--Includes 40lbs of BBQ Pellets w/purchase

We can certainly have a Memphis Advantage ($2599) or Advantage Plus ($2799) ordered for you and here in less than 2 weeks.  Give us a call or stop on by to discuss.

Pit Barrel Cooker Co.
$299--Pit Barrel Cooker Kit.  Yes, these are back in stock! 

We also have some accessories in stock such as the hinged grate, covers and ash pan, and the Turkey hanger.  We offer their two seasonings and the Beer Stein , Coffee Mug and  Koozie.

$1599--GOLDENS' CAST IRON COOKER--1 in stock now.

Cooker with Heavy Duty Cart, Cast Iron Wheels. Comes fully assembled with Trex Composite shelving.  Easy to move yet weighs in at 460lbs with this cooker/cart combo.  You have to see it to really understand.  Comes with a Searing Plate used for flat grilling and searing surface which is also used as a heat deflector for slow smoking. Cast Iron Cooking Grates with a grid lifter tool included, as well as a bag of lump charcoal to get you going. Goldens' Cast Iron Cooker is from Columbus, Georgia, a 5th generation family owned business.  This foundry has been in operation since 1882. Welcome to the Iron Age! The most unique Kamado style grill on the market.  You will need a yard cart type trailer to move haul this cooker to your home with several ratchet strap tie downs,  no other way to move it in my opinion.   

COOKSHACK:Out of stock currently


We offer a wide variety of new Weber products.  Mainly from the Charcoal family and a few tailgate portable type gas grills.  Just an FYI, we DO NOT offer replacement parts for gas grills, so you'd be best served to contact another Weber dealer for those needs.

We DO however offer a wide assortment of various Weber accessories.

Hephaestus BBQ

$2500--Grill Pro Elite-in stock with Red Doors and also pne with Orange Doors

$2500--Patio Pro--in stock with Orange Doors

(Take $200 off on any Hepahestus Grill in stock from our store this weekend through the end of November.  Limited to stock on hand.

Primo:  no Primo product in stock currently, but we do offer the Primo brand Lump Charcoal

Big Green Egg  --We currently only offer BGE Lump Charcoal and we do have a limited amount of BGE accessories.  

Sam's NW BBQ Co. in Sherwood, Oregon is very proud of the product lines we carry.  We encourage BBQ manufactures and Distributors of BBQ products to contact us to discuss if your products may be a good fit for our store.  If your product is of great quality and you'll back up the consumer with support and have a strong warranty, let's talk!

We order product from all manufacturers on a regular basis.  If you see something that you want and we don't have it, contact us and we'll do our best to get it for you.  Also, if you want to reserve a particular unit, you can always make a down payment to hold the smoker or grill.  We will do whatever we can to work with your schedule with regard to picking up the grill from our Sherwood, Oregon location.  Thanks, Sam