Myron Mixon & Sam Hays

Sam's NW BBQ Co. May 11th, 2019 


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Current In-Stock Inventory

​​In-stock inventory as of 6/18/2019 

MYRON MIXON SMOKERSBBQ Smokers from the "Winningest Man in Barbecue!"


$3995--MMS-36--H20 Water Smoker--Only 1 in stock!

$4995--MMS-48--H2O Water Smoker--Only 1 in stock!

$3395--MMS-G9----Gravity Feed Smoker--On order and in stock mid July

$4395--MMS-G20--Gravity Feed Smoker--On order and in stock mid July

$5495--MMS-G33--Gravity Feed Smoker--On order and in stock mid July


$1799--BARQ-1700 PELLET Grill--Out of stock currently.

$2299--BARQ-2400 PELLET Grill--Comes with 4 cooking grates & 2 probe ports for temp monitoring plus a front & side shelf.  We include 40lbs of BBQ Pellets w/purchase. 

$3099--BARQ-3600 PELLET Grill--Comes with 4 cooking grates & 2 probe ports for temp monitoring plus a front & side shelf.  We include 40lbs of BBQ Pellets w/purchase.

We can bring in any MYRON MIXON SMOKERS product that you are interested in.  Above, just happens to be what we have in-stock today.  Come visit our store in Sherwood, Oregon and put your hands on one of these and see them in person.   Here at Sam's  NW BBQ Co. we take pride representing MYRON MIXON SMOKERS to the West Coast and across the USA!



$1549--YS640 Pellet Grill--These Units are NOT the newly released grills.  They DO NOT have Wi-Fi and the other features that the newest version has.  Those are listed below.  Comes standard with wired front and side shelves, 2nd level removable cooking grate, side probe port and we include 40lbs of pellets to get you started!   We have about a 10 of these in stock and have them both built/fully assembled as well as in the box.

Just arrived!
$1699--YS480S--Newly released version with Wi-Fi and other new features.  Only 1 available right now.  In box only and we won't have any more until August.  40lbs of Pellets included.
$1899--YS640S--Newly released version with Wi-Fi & other new features.   10 available, in boxes only as they just arrived, and no more until August.  40lbs of Pellets included.

These Comp Cart units listed below ARE NOT the new version of the Yoder Smokers Pellet Grills just announced.  These Do Not have the wi-fi or new igniter.​  
​$2499--YS640 Pellet Grill on Silver Comp Cart--1 in stock.  Comes with Stainless Steel Front & Side Shelves, Grill Grate Panels (3) & Spatula Tool for high heat grilling, and we throw on 40lbs of BBQ pellets with the purchase.  
$2499--YS640 Pellet Grill on Orange Comp Cart--1 in stock. Comes with Stainless Steel Front & Side Shelves, Grill Grate Panels (3) & Spatula Tool for high heat grilling, and we throw in 40lbs of BBQ pellets with the purchase.
$2499--YS640 Pellet Grill on Black Comp Cart--2 in stock. Comes with Stainless Steel Front & Side Shelves, Grill Grate Panels (3) & Spatula Tool for high heat grilling, and we throw in 40lbs of BBQ pellets with the purchase.

$2299--Yoder Smokers 24"x48" Flat Top Charcoal Grill--Comes with Stainless Steel Front Shelf & 8" pneumatic wheels.

$2299--Yoder Smokers 20" Loaded Wichita Smoker --with added side probe port added.  We have 4 of these in stock currently.

$3199--24" Loaded Kingman Smoker w/side probe port added--1 in stock

$3899--24" Loaded Durango Smoker with side probe port added-1 in stock

We have the following accessories in stock for the YS480 and the YS680 Grills
--Grill Grates & Spatula Tool Set for your high heat direct grilling
--2 Piece Heat Diffuser for easier cleaning and simple switch over from indirect to direct cooking
--Covers for YS480 and YS640
--1/2 depth upper grate for YS480 and YS640
--Griddle for YS480 and YS640
--3 Tier Smoking Rack for YS640
--Igniters & Thermocouples for YS Series Grills (not the S series)


New to our store is the award winning M Grills from MESQUITE, TEXAS 

M Grills specialize in small batch - high performance cookers.  precision craftsmanship and built to last. M Grills products are built like a tank and backed by impeccable customer service from M Grills.  Sam's NW BBQ Co. has joined forces with M Grills because we ONLY offer the best of the best......and these certainly fit that requirement!  All purchases or from our store and we do not ship.  What we currently have in-stock and ready for purchase is listed below.  Avoid a lead time by making the drive and pick one up today!

$250--C4-S  Portable Grill​--The all new 2019 C4-S Portable Grill is constructed of 16 gauge 304 Stainless Steel and features a front damper for additional airflow, 1/4" steel grates, and a bolt on stainless steel stand.
With it's compact size and durable construction, the new C4 Portable Grill is the perfect little charcoal grill on the go. From camping, tailgating, steak competitions, or quick meals at home. The C4 is small, but packs a big punch.

​​​​$1249--M16-S--Constructed from 12 gauge steel and hand finished for a beautiful appearance.  3 Piece Design for easy breakdown and transportablility.  The M16 can be used as a table top grill or with our the Competition Cart. This cart features an all welded construction with a 304 stainless steel shelf, 2 large heavy duty steel wheels with rubber tires, clamps to secure your M16 in place during transportation, and 3 grill hooks to hang your tools from. 

$2699--M1 2019 Full Package--Includes a Custom Cover, Top Shelf Extension and we throw in one 20lb bag of lump charcoal to get you going!  The M1 is the ultimate fully adjustable charcoal grill, extremely efficient charcoal smoker, and a bonafide stick burner that could be the last cooker you ever own.  This beast weighs in at 390lbs 

Meadow Creek Barbecue has arrived on the West Coast!

Sam's NW BBQ Co. is your source for these awesome Barbecue products hand-crafted in the Amish Community of Lancaster County, PA by talented craftsmen who care about integrity and quality.  We are proud to be the very first Brick and Mortar store to offer the Meadow Creek BBQ products to the West Coast!

Our Current In-stock inventory of Meadow Creek Barbecue Grills and Smokers:

$4999--TS120P--Upgrades include 8" casters, added extra shelf, both shelves Stainless Steel, Extra Door added to Smoker, Warmer Box added, Live Smoke added to Warmer Box and Extra Grate in Warmer Box.​​
$3275--TS70P--upgrades included a warming box added as well as Stainless Steel front shelf 
$3359--TS70P--upgrades include an Insulated Firebox & Stainless Steel front shelf  
$4650--TS120P--upgrades include an Insulated Firebox & Stainless Steel front shelf  
$1075--PR36--we have the 2nd tier cooking grate in-stock to add as an accessory if you want  
$1699--SQ36--we have the charcoal pan for direct grilling in main cooking chamber as well as the 2nd tier cooking grates on hand as accessories available.


​​We Order Full Truckloads of Meadow Creek Barbecue products on a fairly regular basis as needed.

Take look at the Meadow Creek website, then let us know what particular unit you are interested in.  We'll get it on the next truck and/or inquire about getting it built and shipped right to your home.  Call us with any questions.  We've been to their factory in New Holland, PA., we know the people, the products, and we love everything about Meadow Creek Barbecue!

Green Mountain Grills:

Our Green Mountain Grills is stock inventory as of now.
$329--Davy Crockett w/ Wi-Fi  Prime SS
--Out of Stock
$499--Daniel Boone
--Out of Stock
$599-Daniel Boone w/Wi-Fi--Choice--OUT OF STOCK
$649--Daniel Boone Stainless Steel Lid w/Wi-Fi --OUT OF STOCK
$699--Jim Bowie--Choice Black--3 in stock.
$749--Jim Bowie Wi-Fi--Choice Black
$799--Jim Bowie Stainless Steel Lid w/Wi-Fi--Choice--OUT OF STOCK

We do not have any of the recently released PRIME Green Mountain Grills in stock.  We should have some in late July to early August would be my best guess.  When we do, they will be listed above.  ​​

​SABER Gas Grills--

$899--SABER 330 Cast Black Grill (LP) Model # R33CC1017

$1399--SABER 500 Cast Stainless Cart Grill (LP) Model # R50CC3017

$1899--SABER 500 Stainless Cart Grill (LP) Model # R50SC0017

$2299--SABER 670 Stainless Cart Grill (LP) Model # R67SC0017

We do have the SABER Dual Outlet LP Conversion Kit for 2017 Grills and newer for $99 to which you can easily convert any SABER Grill listed above from LP to Natural Gas.  These ONLY work for SABER grills and there is a no return policy.  You will be required to set this up as we will not due to liability reasons.  We also have covers and most of the available SABER Gas Grill accessories in stock now.  We have some built and some boxed units.

Pit Barrel Cooker Co.
$299--Pit Barrel Cooker Kit --IN STOCK!!

We also have some accessories in stock such as the hinged grate, covers and ash pan, and the Turkey hanger.  We offer their two seasonings and the Coffee Mug and  Koozie.

GOLDENS' CAST IRON COOKER--"Welcome to the  Iron Age!"

5th Generation Family  Owned Foundry from Columbus Georgia.....  You've got to take at these cookers and fire pits!

$1599--Cast Iron 20.5" Cooker and Table Cart

$649--Cast Iron 14" Mini Cooker

$749--Small 20 Gallon Fire Pit with Stand

$75--Indirect Heat Divider for 20.5" cooker​


We offer a wide variety of new Weber products.  Mainly from the Charcoal family and a few tailgate portable type gas grills.  Just an FYI, we DO NOT offer replacement parts for gas grills, so you'd be best served to contact another Weber dealer for those needs.

We DO however offer a wide assortment of various Weber accessories.

Sam's NW BBQ Co. in Sherwood, Oregon is very proud of the product lines we carry.  We encourage BBQ Manufactures and Distributors of BBQ products to contact us to discuss if your products may be a good fit for our store.  If your product is of great quality and you'll back up the consumer with support and have a strong warranty, let's talk!

We order product from all manufacturers on a regular basis.  If you see something from one of our manufacturers that you want and we don't have it, contact us and we'll do our best to get it for you.  Also, if you want to reserve a particular unit, you can always make a down payment to hold the smoker or grill.  We will do what we can to work with your schedule with regard to picking up the grill from our Sherwood, Oregon location.  Thanks, Sam