​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Current In-Stock Inventory

In-stock inventory as of 11/20/18

MYRON MIXON SMOKERSBBQ Smokers from the "Winningest Man in Barbecue!"

$5395--G33--Gravity Fed Smoker

$3995--MMS-36--H20 Water Smoker

$5995--MMS-60--H2O Water Smoker

$3395--G9--Gravity Fed Smoker--Ordered...on the way & on our floor on Wed Nov 21st

$4395--G20--Gravity Fed Smoker--Ordered...on the way & on our floor on Wed  Nov 21st

MYRON MIXON SMOKERS BARQ Pellet Grills--This brand new pellet grill will arrive at Sam's NW BBQ Co. and be ready to see and purchase on Wed Nov. 21st.  Offered in 3 different sizes and prices.  We have a full semi truck on the way.  Check back for more info!

We've been awaiting them for months and months, and they are almost here!  We have cooked on them at the MYRON MIXON SMOKERS factory in Connecticut and can easily say that you will want to check them out.  We have ordered a full semi truck load to start with as we have full confidence that you will agree that these grills are at the top of the pellet grill world from day one!   Photos and more info soon to follow.  We already have a waiting list of folks interested, and feel free to contact us if you'd like more info or to be contacted once in-stock.  Check back for more info.

We can bring in any MYRON MIXON SMOKERS product that you are interested in.  Above, just happens to be what we have in-stock today.  Come visit our store in Sherwood, Oregon and put your hands on one of these and see them in person.   Here at Sam's  NW BBQ Co. we take pride representing MYRON MIXON SMOKERS to the West Coast and across the USA!



$1749--YS640 Pellet Grill--Comes with grill grate panels (3), spatula tool, wired front and side shelves, 2nd level removable cooking grate, side probe port, and we include 40lbs of pellets.  Huge inventory of these!

$1549--YS480 Pellet Grill--ONLY 1 in stock!--Comes with grill grate panels (3), spatula tool, wired front and side shelves, 2nd level removable cooking grate, side probe port, and we include 40lbs of pellets.

$2499--YS640 Pellet grill on Silver Comp Cart--Comes with Stainless Steel front and side shelves, 2nd level cooking grate, grill grate panels (3) with spatula tool included & we also include 40lbs of pellets.

$2499--YS640 Pellet grill on Orange Comp Cart--Comes with Stainless Steel front and side shelves, 2nd level cooking grate, grill grate panels (3) with spatula tool included & we also include 40lbs of pellets.

​​$2499--YS640 Pellet grill on Black Comp Cart-Comes with Stainless Steel front and side shelves, 2nd level cooking grate, grill grate panels (3) with spatula tool included & we also include 40lbs of  pellets.

$1299--Yoder Smokers 16" Cheyenne Smoker --with added side probe port and the Heat Management plate included.  ONLY 1left in stock

$2299--Yoder Smokers 20" Loaded Wichita Smoker --with added side probe port added.  We have 4 of these in stock currently.  Only 2 in stock

$2899--Yoder Smokers 20" Loaded Durango Smoker --with added side probe port.  Only 1 of these in stock now!

$3899--Yoder Smokers 24" Durango --SOLD--Out of stock

​$3995--YS1500 on Orange Comp Cart--ONLY 1 in stock!--we also throw in 40lbs of BBQ Pellets w/Purchase

$3995--YS1500 on Silver Comp Cart--ONLY 1 in stock!--we also throw in 40lbs of BBQ Pellets w/Purchase


​​Meadow Creek Barbecue has arrived on the West Coast!

Sam's NW BBQ Co. is your source for these awesome Barbecue products hand-crafted in the Amish Community of Lancaster County, PA by talented craftsmen who care about integrity and quality.  We are proud to be the very first Brick and Mortar store to offer the Meadow Creek BBQ products to the West Coast!

Our Current In-stock inventory of Meadow Creek Barbecue Grills and Smokers:

$650--BBQ26with Hinged Lid on BBQ

$4999--TS120P--Upgrades include 8" casters, added extra shelf, both shelves Stainless Steel, Extra Door added to Smoker, Warmer Box added, Live Smoke added to Warmer Box and Extra Grate in Warmer Box.​​

$1265--BBQ42--often referred to as the "Original Chicken Flipper" this cooker is what put Meadow Creek BBQ on the map years ago.  We have 2 left on this order that are still available.  I've added the upgrade of the Charcoal Pullout to these.
$3275--TS70P--upgrades included a warming box added as well as Stainless Steel front shelf 
$3359--TS70P--upgrades include an Insulated Firebox & Stainless Steel front shelf  
$4650--TS120P--upgrades include an Insulated Firebox & Stainless Steel front shelf  
$835--PR36--we have the 2nd tier cooking grate in-stock to add as an accessory if you want 
$1045--PR36--upgraded with a Charcoal Pullout--2nd tier grate available as accessory 
$1210--SQ36--we have the charcoal pan for direct grilling in main cooking chamber as well as the 2nd tier cooking grates on hand as accessories if you want you wanted to add
$1260--SQ36--Upgrade includes Solid Tire instead of inflatable one that is standard.  Again, as above we have charcoal pan and 2nd tier grate available as accessories 
$1099--BBQ26S--Upgrades include pedestal stand, Flat Grate, Griddle and Cover included
$2100--PR60--Upgrades included Charcoal Pullout and 2nd Tier Cooking Grate & Charcoal Grill Pan
$2139--PR60Gas--Upgrades include 2nd tier cooking grate added

$5950--TS120 Trailer Smoker--Upgrades include Stainless Steel Exterior Shelves, added 2nd door to backside of smoker, spare  mounted tire and lockable latches to all doors.

$6500--TS120 Trailer Smoker--Upgrades include Stainless Steel Exterior Shelves, added 2nd door to backside of smoker, toolbox with Stainless Steel lid and spare mounted tire.  Latches for lockability to all doors.

We Order Full Truckloads of Meadow Creek Barbecue products on a regular basis. 

Take look at the Meadow Creek website, then let us know what particular unit you are interested in.  We'll get it on the next truck and/or inquire about getting it built and shipped right to your home.  Call us with any questions.  We've been to their factory in New Holland, PA., we know the people, the products, and we love everything about Meadow Creek Barbecue!

Green Mountain Grills:

Green Mountain Grills offer the very best of Pellet Grill cooking at a great price and value. With the ability to achieve and maintain a high temperature, you can grill with it in addition to the low and slow smoking that has made the GMG a fan favorite.  Since the day we brought in the GMG products, the response has been huge. Those how used to cook on a very familiar product line we'd all recognize by name, generally purchase a GMG or recommend them to their friends and family nowadays.  They simply  hold heat great and get to and stay where you put it.  You get a great bang for your buck and exceptional customer support from GMG if needed.  Great savings offered now at Sam's NW BBQ Co. in Sherwood, Oregon.  We are your GMG headquarters with grills and accessories on hand.

Our Green Mountain Grills is stock inventory and sale pricing right now!  
BLACK FRIDAY SALE PRICING on ALL GMG Grills in stock now thru Sat Dec 1st!  This Sale is ONLY for Boxed grills and limited to our in-stock inventory only.  Note that while this is a 2 week sale, WE WILL NOT BE OPEN ON Thanksgiving day or even on BLACK FRIDAY (Friday Nov 23rd) as I close the store to be with family.  Also note that on Sat Nov 24th our store will ONLY be open from 9-12noon.  So don't wait until BLACK FRIDAY to take advantage of these prices, act early to ensure that you get the grill you want.  We will update the below info and you can always contact us to make sure we have in stock still what you want!

Everything listed below is in stock right now and listed at our BLACK FRIDAY SALE PRICING.  Read above info regarding days of the sale and our hours over the holidays!  Boxed grills only at sale price
Davy Crockett w/ Wi-Fi   SAVE $100 (Reg $399) 
Daniel Boone  SAVE $200 (Reg $599)
Daniel Boone w/Wi-Fi  SAVE $260 (Reg $759) 
Daniel Boone Stainless Steel Lid w/Wi-Fi  SAVE $325 (Reg $849) OUT OF STOCK 
Jim Bowie  SAVE $200 (Reg $799)
Jim Bowie Wi-Fi SAVE $300 (Reg $999)
Jim Bowie Stainless Steel Lid w/Wi-Fi SAVE $370 (Reg $1099)​  only 1 in stock!

PIZZA Ovens for the Green Mountain Grills Daniel Boone and Jim Bowie are back in stock!  We also offer covers in addition to lots of other GMG accessories.  We have replacement Thermal Sensors, Igniters and meat probes on hand most of the time as well.  Call to find out if we have what you need.  The Green Mountain Grills Pellet Grill is the best "bang for the buck" you will find when comparing with pellet grills priced at $1400 and less.  A great value from a great Company!

Hephaestus BBQ​​-- This is something you have to see!  Made in Oregon!
$2999--Grill Pro Elite-with Orange Doors

$2999--Grill Pro Elite with Orange 
$2899--Patio Pro--with Orange Doors

LIMITED TIME ONLY!--Get a FREE Striker air temp control device with the purchase of a Hephaestus BBQ!  Valued at $275 this item will allow you to easy "set it and forget it" in getting to your desired temperature as well as getting the most out of our charcoal/wood inside the cooker.  This is a limited offer with unknown end date and for stock on hand only!

We have in stock the Striker, and air temp control device made especially for these Hephaestus grills and allows you to load it up, set your desired temperature and walk away, sleep, enjoy the evening or day with confidence that the pit is doing exactly what you want at the temperature you've set it to.  Price is $275 and in stock today!

Memphis Wood Fire Grills

$2599--Memphis Advanage w/wifi 430 SS--includes 40lbs of BBQ Pellets w/purchase

$3599--Memphis Pri w/wifi 430SS--OUT OF STOCK CURRENTLY 

$3899--Memphis Pro w/wifi 304SS--OUT OF STOCK CURRENTLY

$4999--Memphis Elite w/wifi 304SS-- includes 100lbs of BBQ Pellets w/purchase

PITTS & SPITTS: Wood Pits and Pellet Grills from Houston, Texas  

We do not have any of the Pitts & Spitts pellet grills in stock. 

Listed below is our in-stock inventory of Pitts & Spitt Smokers with an offset firebox.  These all have gas assist to get your fire started.  The pricing for all units listed below is on our BLACK FRIDAY special pricing for these units thru Dec. 1st.  Limited to stock on hand.  Pricing is too low to advertise so you have to stop on by with your truck and trailer to take advantage.  We do not ship and we also only have one of each smoker in stock.  The below list will be updated as they are sold.

18x30 Ultimate Smoker Pit

24x36 Ultimate Smoker Pit

24x48 Ultimate Smoker Pit

24x36 Ultimate  Smoker Pit with Upright Smoker

SABER Gas Grills--

$799--SABER 330 Cast Black Grill (LP) Model # R33CC1017--1 built and 1 in a box

$999--SABER 500 Cast Black Grill (LP)  Model # R50CC0617​--1 built

$1199--SABER 500 Cast Stainless Cart Grill (LP) Model # R50CC3017--1 in a box

We do have the SABER Dual Outlet LP Conversion Kit for 2017 Grills and newer for $99 to which you can easily convert any SABER Grill listed above from LP to Natural Gas.  These ONLY work for SABER grills and there is a no return policy.  You will be required to set this up as we do not for liability reasons.  We also have covers and several SABER accessories in stock now.

Pit Barrel Cooker Co.
$299--Pit Barrel Cooker Kit --IN STOCK!!

We also have some accessories in stock such as the hinged grate, covers and ash pan, and the Turkey hanger.  We offer their two seasonings and the Coffee Mug and  Koozie.

GOLDENS' CAST IRON COOKER--"Welcome to the  Iron Age!"

$1699--Cast Iron Cooker with Cart 20.5"--ONLY 1 Left in stock!

$79--Indirect Heat Divider for 20.5" cooker​


We offer a wide variety of new Weber products.  Mainly from the Charcoal family and a few tailgate portable type gas grills.  Just an FYI, we DO NOT offer replacement parts for gas grills, so you'd be best served to contact another Weber dealer for those needs.

We DO however offer a wide assortment of various Weber accessories.

Sam's NW BBQ Co. in Sherwood, Oregon is very proud of the product lines we carry.  We encourage BBQ Manufactures and Distributors of BBQ products to contact us to discuss if your products may be a good fit for our store.  If your product is of great quality and you'll back up the consumer with support and have a strong warranty, let's talk!

We order product from all manufacturers on a regular basis.  If you see something from one of our manufacturers that you want and we don't have it, contact us and we'll do our best to get it for you.  Also, if you want to reserve a particular unit, you can always make a down payment to hold the smoker or grill.  We will do what we can to work with your schedule with regard to picking up the grill from our Sherwood, Oregon location.  Thanks, Sam