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We have REOPENED for Business!!!  New info on bottom of the Home page of this website regarding new rules of operation.  You will want to take a look as these new store guidelines will be different than in the past.  Hours of operation, group size, people allowed in at one time, and there will no longer be a Public Bathroom available, so you will want to plan ahead prior to arriving.

                                                                 Thanks,​ Sam

Listed below is our In-Stock Inventory as of Tuesday July 7th

MYRON MIXON SMOKERSBBQ Smokers from the "Winningest Man in Barbecue!"


MYRON MIXON SMOKERS Gravity Feed & Flat Rack Water Smokers in stock!

$3995--MMS-36--H20 Flat Rack Water Smoker 

$4995--MMS-48--H2O Flat Rack Water Smoker 

$3395--MMS-G9--Gravity Feed Smoker
$4395--MMS G20--Gravity Feed Smoker

$5395--MMS G33--Gravity Feed Smoker

​MYRON MIXON SMOKERS BARQ Pellet Grills on sale now and in stock! 

--BARQ-1700 PELLET Grill--(currently out of stock of the BARQ 1700)

BARQ-2400 PELLET Grill--Comes with 4 cooking grates & 2 probe ports for temp monitoring plus a front & side shelf.  We offer 40lbs of Myron Mixon BBQ Pellets with purchase of this Grill. SALE PRICE LIMITED INVENTORY

BARQ-3600 PELLET Grill--Comes with 4 cooking grates & 2 probe ports for temp monitoring plus a front & side shelf.  We offer 40lbs of of Myron MixonBBQ Pellets with purchase of this Grill.  SALE PRICE LIMITED INVENTORY--Only 1 available 

We can bring in any MYRON MIXON SMOKERS product that you are interested in.  Above, just happens to be what we have in-stock today.  Come visit our store in Sherwood, Oregon and put your hands on one of these and see them in person.   



​​YODER SMOKERS:  in stock now!

$1579--YS480s Pellet Grill--We are Out of Stock of the YS480s standard cart grills.  none on upcoming orders we have that are available.  We will next have these in September I'm guessing.

$1799--YS640s Pellet Grill--We Are Out of Stock of the YS640s  The next available truckload with standard cart 640s will arrive around the end of July to first of August..(we have a prior truckload, but all spoken for) Let us know if you would like us to hold one for you and we will gladly put you on the list and hold one for you.  No money or deposit required to have us hold one. 

Wi-Fi & Bluetooth via integrated  FireBoard Controller.  Comes with 2 meat probes & ceramic ignition.  We also include a bag of pellets.  This is our top selling item in the entire store.  And for our friends from the state of Washington.......remember that there is No Sales Tax in Oregon!  

$2499--20" Loaded Wichita Smokerwith one side probe port added​--2 available

UPDATE--July 1st--The truckload that many of you have been waiting for ....Has Arrived!  So if you have a grill on this order you are welcome to pick up now.  We are closed on Sat July 4th.  Also note as listed elsewhere on this website, there is NO PUBLIC bathroom at our store so plan accordingly your visit.  There is no exceptions to this at all.   The Gov of Oregon is also requiring Masks to be worn in all buildings in Oregon at this time. 

This entire truckload of 46 grills is spoken for.

We have another truckload with 30 YS640s Pellet Grills ($1799) and 16 Com Cart YS640s w/SS front and side shelves ($2499) that will arrive in late July/first of Aug that are available to reserve a grill on now. No money down to hold one, just give us a call or send us an email.  ON this truck, we have only 1 Orange Comp Cart left, several Silver and Black for YS640s Comp Cart units.  We have about 5 of the 30 Standard cart YS640s units still available to secure.  My advice is to get on the list to have us hold one for you today!

We have the following YODER SMOKERS accessories in stock.
--Grill Grates & Spatula Tool Set for your high heat direct grilling
--Covers for YS480/640  standard carts ONLY and 16" Cheyenne Smoker  

--Thermal Jacket for YS640 Comp Cart
--1/2 depth upper grate for YS480/640

--3 Tier Wire Smoking Rack for YS640

--Griddle for YS640/480

--Front Grease Shield for YS640/480

--Slip on SS front/side shelves for YS640
--Igniters for YS Series Grills (including new ceramic igniter and older version)

--T-Stat Door Kit.  The "do it yourself" kit to add a temp gage to your 480/640

$4199--Memphis Pro Cart w/WiFi--304 SS Alloy--1 in stock now!

--we include 100lbs of BBQ Pellets w/purchase

$5399--Memphis Elite Cart w/WiFi--304 SS Alloy--1 in  stock now!

we include 100lbs of BBQ Pellets w/purchase

$1999--BEALE STREET Cart w/WiFi--430 SS Alloy--we include 100lbs of BBQ Pellets w/purchase   We have 1 awaiting your patio or deck!

​​​​Meadow Creek Barbecue has arrived on the West Coast!

Sam's NW BBQ Co. is your source for these awesome Barbecue products hand-crafted in the Amish Community of Lancaster County, PA by talented craftsmen who care about integrity and quality.  We are proud to be the very first Brick and Mortar store to offer the Meadow Creek BBQ products to the West Coast!

Our Current In-stock inventory of Meadow Creek Barbecue Grills and Smokers:

$1749--SQ36--with Solid Tire Upgrade added.  Only 1 in stock!

$220 for 2nd tier grate if desired for more room and $95 for the Charcoal Grill Pan for direct grilling.

The following Meadow Creek products are currently being built and will arrive at my store in early August.  These are available to purchase and have held for you right now on a first come first serve basis.  You can secure one now or wait & see if still available upon arrival.

Being built and available for purchase now:

$799--PG25--This Patio Grill comes with a raised pedestal base and Stainless Steel shelves on each side.

$1499--BBQ60--This Charcoal Grill comes with the added Hinged Lid w/Thermometer.  

$949--BBQ26S--This "Chicken Flipper" is on a raised pedestal base.  You can add a flat grate for high heat grilling for $90 as well as the Griddle for $145

$1699--BBQ42--This "Chicken Flipper" has the added Charcoal Pullout added along with solid tire upgrade and 8" casters on the stand.  You can add a Flat Grate for $205, Griddle for $215 and/or the Cover for $95.

$5049--BBQ96--This "Chicken Flipper" trailer model take the party on the road!  We've added Hinged Lids to all three compartments as well as a spare mounted tire added to this unit.  ONLY 1 available on this order!  This unit is a great money maker as well as popular for charity chicken cooks.

$3149--TS70P--This reverse flow smoker takes your smoking game to a new level!  We've added the Stainless Steel front shelf to keep your feet clean as well as the ground when pulling out the racks out during a cook.

$4499--TS120P--We've taken the reverse flow style smoker and given you a huge cooking space.  With the large wheels and additional set of 8" casters this beast moves extremely easy.  Stainless Steel front shelf has been added.

$1099--PR36--We've taken this unit and upgraded the wheels to the Solid Tires for more stability for you.

$1999--PR60--We've taken this Pig Roaster and added the Charcoal Pullout for easy cleaning and easy refueling during a cook, as well as upgraded it with 8" Casters to the Stand so you can move it without having to lift it.  Great upgrades!

$2999--PR60T--SOLD--This Pig Roaster in on a trailer.  We've added the Charcoal Pullout and a Spare Mounted Tire.

$2249--PR72--This is the longest Pig Roaster that Meadow Creek offers.  We've added the Charcoal Pullout as well as 8" Casters to the stand.  All you need with this is a Pig and a crowd to show off to!

Take look at the Meadow Creek website, then let us know what particular unit you are interested in.  We'll get it on the next truck and/or inquire about getting it built and shipped right to your home.  Call us with any questions.  We've been to their factory in New Holland, PA., we know the people, the products, and we love everything about Meadow Creek Barbecue!



​​Green Mountain Grills:

We offer the Prime version of Green Mountain Grill in as well as sometimes the Choice version of the GMG DB only.  This new PRIME version of the GMG Pellet Grills was released in the Spring of 2019.  These are the very best pellet grills in this price range that you will find anywhere.  Check out the Green Mountain Grills website and figure out which grill and features are of interest to you and then stop on by and get that backyard smelling great again and happy faces at the dinner table!  

We do offer all 4 varieties of GMG Pellets in stock today!  $14.99 for huge 28lb. bags!

 We are completely out of stock of Green Mountain Grills. 

We are awaiting a truckload.  We will be offering the all new PRIME PLUS Wi-Fi Daniel Boone and Jim Bowie with Black lids.  Updates will be listed here.  Looks like we may have grills here by Friday July 3rd.  These will all be in boxes initially.


$1449--SABER 3 Burner Cast Stainless Cart Grill (LP) Model#R50CC0317--1 in stock in box

​​$1649--SABER 4 Burner Cast Black Cart Grill (LP) Model#R67CC1117--1 built & 1 in box

$1999--SABER 3 Burner Stainless Cart Grill (LP) Model # R50SC0017--1 built & 1 in box

$2399--SABER 4 Burner Stainless Cart Grill (LP) Model #R67SC0017--1 built & 1 in box 

We do have the SABER Dual Outlet LP Conversion Kit for 2017 Grills and newer for $99 to which you can easily convert any SABER Grill listed above from LP to Natural Gas.  These ONLY work for SABER grills and there is a no return policy.  You will be required to set this up as we will not due to liability reasons.  We also have covers and most of the available SABER Gas Grill accessories in stock now.  We have some built and some boxed units.

Pit Barrel Cooker Co.
$349--Pit Barrel Cooker Kit --several kits in stock currently 

We also have some accessories in stock such as the hinged grate, covers ,ash pan, Turkey hanger, Corn Holder, 10" Skewers, 15" Skewers, PBC Pit Grips.

GOLDENS' CAST IRON COOKER--"Welcome to the  Iron Age!"

5th Generation Family  Owned Foundry from Columbus Georgia.....  You've got to take at these cookers and fire pits!

$699--Cast Iron 14" Mini Cooker--1 in stock now!

$1499--Cast Iron Cooker Handle Cart 20.5"--3 on order and set to arrive soon.

$1699--Cast Iron Cooker Cart w/Trex Composite Shelving 20.5"--1 in stock now!

$1899--Cast Iron Cooker Cart w/Stainless Steel Table 20.5"--1 on order arriving soon!

$79--Indirect Heat Divider for 20.5" 

$45--Cast Iron Half Grate for 20.5"

$839--Goldens' Cast Iron Fire Pit w/stand included--Small--20 gallon size--2 on order

$1149--Godens' Cast Iron Fire Pit w/stand included--Large--30 gallon size--2 on order


We offer a very limited selection of Weber products, mainly some accessories and a few lower priced kettle grills.  We currently do not have any gas grills at all from Weber.  Our Weber provider recently dropped the line and we will not be ordering more product most likely.

Also as an FYI, we DO NOT offer any WEBER replacement parts for gas grills, so you'd be best served to contact another Weber dealer for those needs. 

​Sam's NW BBQ Co. in Sherwood, Oregon is very proud of the product lines we carry.  We encourage BBQ Manufactures and Distributors of BBQ products to contact us to discuss if your products may be a good fit for our store.  If your product is of great quality and you'll back up the consumer with support and have a strong warranty.....let's talk!

We order product from all manufacturers on a regular basis.  If you see something from one of our manufacturers that you want and we don't have it, contact us and we'll do our best to get it for you.  Also, if you want to reserve a particular unit, you can always make a down payment to hold the smoker or grill.  We will do what we can to work with your schedule with regard to picking up the grill from our Sherwood, Oregon location.  Thanks, Sam