When you think of Myron Mixon, you think of Championship Barbecue.  Mouth watering delicious barbecue is what Myron is know for and the reason he's referred to as the winningest man in barbecue.

Sam's NW BBQ Co. is very proud to represent MYRON MIXON Smokers as the Authorized Dealer of the West Coast.  You've got a place to come and put your hands on these smokers, and then take one home and start making some of the best barbecue you've ever imagined.

The H20 Water Cookers take the traditional stick burner in an in-direct manner through our Waterpan Technology.  Cook low & slow or hot & fast.

The Gravity Feed smokers are the true "Set it and Forget it" unit.  Using Charcoal and Wood, the Myron Mixon Gravity Smokers offer you the ability to set your desired temperature and basically just walk away with the use of an air temp control device.

Wood Pellet style smokers offer a great pellet smoke flavor.  Simpy fill the hopper with pellets, set the temp and let the smoke roll! 

Our inventory changes often and what we have in stock can always be found with pricing at our "In-Stock Pricing and Inventory" page of this website.  If you are wanting something other than what you see, let us know.  Lead times can vary anywhere from a couple of weeks up to six.  Come on by and take a look!


 I will be attending the Myron Mixon Cook School in addition to spending time at the Myron Mixon Smokers factory in Waterford, CT from June 6th thru June 10th. 

Be sure to ask how the adventure went when you stop in at the store in the future.


Myron Mixon,     Sam Hays,      David Mixon 

                              Nashville, TN 2018