​MMS G33

Gravity Feed


MMS 60 H2O

​Flat Rack



Reverse Flow

Gravity Feed


When you think of Myron Mixon, you think of Championship Barbecue.  Mouth watering delicious barbecue is what Myron is know for and the reason he's referred to as the winningest man in barbecue.  Myron Mixon Smokers offers a wide variety of cookers for whatever type of cooking your looking to do.  Whether on your back patio or for your restaurant of food business, there's something for all.

The H20 Flat Rack Water Cookers take the traditional stick burner in an in-direct manner through our Waterpan Technology.  Cook low & slow or hot & fast.  Enjoy being able to utilize the entire cooking area at the same temperature to maximize your cooking area and having larger yields when the need is there.  I am a huge fan of this product and was amazed with them from the first time I saw one fired up.

The Gravity Feed smokers are the true "Set it and Forget it" unit.  Using Charcoal and Wood, the Myron Mixon Gravity Smokers offer you the ability to set your desired temperature and basically just walk away with the use of an air temp control device.  3 different sizes to fit everyone's needs in addition to the newly released Reverse Flow Gravity Feed Smokers from Myron Mixon Smokers.

MYRON MIXON SMOKERS BARQ Pellet Grills offer a great pellet smoke flavor.  Simpy fill the hopper with pellets, set the temp and let the smoke roll!  They come in 3 sizes and have a huge cooking capacity in a small footprint.  Double walled and low pellet consumption.

Sam's NW BBQ Co. is your source for Myron Mixon Smokers on the West Coast!

 Myron Mixon is a huge name in Barbecue.  His accomplishments speak volumes and he is known as "The Winningest Man in Barbecue!"  He is also an award winning author and holds regular BBQ Cookschool classes at his BBQ compound in Georgia.  I offer Myron Mixon Smoker products because I feel these are among the best of the best.  From the residential backyard to the kitchen of a BBQ restaurant or business, you will find the variety of  BBQ products they offer are above and beyond when it comes to quality, construction, durability, and ease of use.  I've been to the factory in Waterford, CT and have seen these smokers being built.  I've been to Myron's house in Georgia and he has been to my BBQ Store here in Oregon.  He's a friend and I'm proud to offer his outstanding line of smokers.


Myron Mixon BARQ 1700 Pellet Grill


MMS 36 H2O

Flat Rack 



Gravity Feed 


Myron Mixon BARQ 

2400 Pellet Grill


MMS 72xc H2O

​Flat Rack



​Flat Rack


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 David & Myron Mixon with me & my family at our store in Oregon 

Myron Mixon and Sam Hays 

Sherwood, Oregon 2019

MMS 72 H2O

​Flat Rack


MMS G9  

Gravity Feed


MMS 48 H2O 

Flat Rack


Myron Mixon BARQ

3600 Pellet Grill